Valentine's Day is nearly a wrap

Yesterday's snow meant another school cancellation today. The boys and I read their new V-day gift books, putzed around, bought two yards of black felt for continued Jedi cloak making, went out to lunch and then moseyed over to T's parents' house. There we dug a "luge" run in the front yard and after a long and nice visit, I left to pick up Valentines dinner fixings while my sweets stayed for a sleepover. Such a gift to T and me.

Once home, I cleaned and decorated (it's really too bad that if you look underneath those heart balloons there appear to be nipples), paid bills, shoveled more snow (I actually really enjoy shoveling snow; it's winter raking), and got started on the bolognese sauce for our meal. T brought roses, we exchanged cards, I changed into my pajamas and while the ragu stewed, we finished Part 1 of Harry Potter #7, a very well done film. Quick break for dinner which also included a fennel, blood orange, pomegranate and pecorino salad + champagne, and back to the couch for Part 2. Very plain, very basic, very nice.

Now it is most surely time for bed though I did sneak a peak at Facebook before calling it a day. I smiled and loved what I saw. So many of my friends doing things equally unfancy- one couple is at their sons' hockey tournament; another at California Pizza Kitchen with their kids; one couple in an airport; another at home like us. There are times when I look around at where I am in life, and I think, "Jesus, when and how did I get here? Tired, nearing 40, PTA member, PJs 75% of every day." It's such a surprise to me sometimes, as if I don't recall the decade that's passed since my mid-20s which was, indeed, a less tired, no PTA in sight, much freer era. Yet I wouldn't trade any of this for that even though the changes can still blindside or simply surprise.

Tonight I find myself missing my little boys, those sweet munchkins that can drive me to the brink of both insanity and unbelievable in-loveness. I will be so happy when they don't wake me up in the morning but I'll also be so happy to feel their arms wrap around me in a hello embrace tomorrow afternoon.

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you're feeling loved!