Useful item for your car, cheesecake

Peeps, the cheesecake is even better the second day. Next time I make it, I'm going to make it a day in advance. Oh my lord. Fortunately, a friend suggested taking some off my hands, and I am all too thrilled to pawn some off on her. Whew!  As you might recall, the last time I crafted this delicacy, I ate 75% myself in 2-3 days. Yikes. Do you carry a roll of packaging tape in your car? I don't know why I started doing so, but I cannot tell you how often I've needed and been thrilled to have it. Food for thought.

Off to fold clothes. I love cleaning/organizing Sundays. They're a nice way to head into a week. I just mounted all the new student photos for hanging tomorrow- what darling children! I really do love kids; I just want to run away from my own on occasion. And I just dust-bustered every dust bunny I saw which was a not insignificant number. How do they accumulate so quickly? I mean, Oliver is pretty obsessed with the vacuum cleaner, to the point where it's really getting tattered and worn. I think we'll need to replace it soon. But back to the point- where in the sam do all these dust-bunnies come from???