Unprecedented parking lot rage, pretty, compensatory jam

O and I went to the Post Office before picking J up from Lego camp; I assumed this would be the briefest of affairs as the automated mailing station -you don't need to talk to anyone!- is so great. So we head into the parking lot which is, admittedly, on the small and often quite full side. The car in front of us got the last available spot, but I figured the wait wouldn't be long. Then I spy a woman and little girl walking up from NOT having been in the post office but get into their car in the P.O. lot. This would have irked me to no end anyway, but I just cannot imagine how she could have moved more slowly. All the car doors were open, she must have fastened that kid into 85 seatbelts and padded accoutrements. She was so oblivious that I had to start shouting, yes shouting, for her to close her doors enough so that the people on one side of her could back their car out. I finally pull in and see her wet-wiping her console, her dashboard, etc. People, what is up? She held up the line of cars for 8 minutes just wet-wiping her car and mummifying her child. She was still there when I got out. Now, I do have a terrible cold, am blowing my nose about 85 times a minute AND have the most unattractive nose-blowing-resultant chap pattern ever BUT I think that minus that context, I'd still be annoyed with the FL license plate, non-post office using, parking lot loiterer.

Fortunately, today's jam session was issue-free. How pretty is this? It tastes even better!