Unfortunate voice, chicken!, scathing restaurant review

Jill Abramson, executive editor of the NYTimes, is such an impressive woman, but man does she have an unfortunate speech pattern/voice. Holy moly! Did anyone hear Diane Rehm interviewing her on NPR? Interesting discussion, but it was battle of the voices over there (and yes, I do know about Diane's voice condition and am sympathetic). I'm in the midst of deboning multiple chickens- it's a messy, slimy job, but I find it rather meditative. They're cooked which makes all the difference; I find raw chicken to be an entirely different beast and not particularly pleasurable to deal with.

Did y'all read this article by Frank Bruni in yesterday's NYT Opinion section? Scathing! I was surprised to find it not in the Dining section but instead full on in the opinion page. Wow! The kind of pretension Bruni describes just makes me nuts; I never enjoy that kind of dining environment or experience. Blech!

Ok, off for lunch as I'm starved.