Two dinners, bits of news

Spiced yogurt is really a fantastically good and easy marinade for chicken, and what you don't use to marinate makes a fabulous dipping sauce for your finished product. Chicken prepared in just this way was our dinner last night. I seasoned some Greek yogurt with lots of cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, cumin, salt, lemon juice and freshly chopped mint; then I tossed most of it into a Ziploc with two chicken breasts, sealed the bag, shook the hell out of everything and let things stew in the fridge for an hour or so. Then, into a hot Lodge went those chix and voila, a wonderful main. The boys enjoyed our leftovers today and said "that chicken is SO good, Mom. You are the best cook EVER." I love it. I also made some mustard and panko carrots for a lovely side!

It's a good thing they had darling moments today because those were interspersed with Pill of the Century behavior from both. Oh my god! Not 10 minutes ago I heard Jack wailing that he couldn't sleep. So, I went in and asked if he'd been reading Harry Potter since 6:58; he fessed up and I removed HP from his room. Yes, I'm thrilled he loves to read so much it makes him want to stay up late; little is as good as a book you can't put down. But post-9pm on a school night? After a service trip to a farm that included two hours on a school bus? Before a full day of school plus baseball practice tomorrow? I think not.

Anyway, for tonight's meal I made my farro with gold beets, feta and candied pecans salad, heated up the rest of the romanesco cauliflower and grilled T his favorite sweet Italian sausages from the farmers market (Cibola Farms is the vendor if you're interested). Also, I had an Applejack Rabbit.

The BlogHer '14 conference was just announced and open for registration. San Jose next July, here I come!!! I'm totally excited. In other news, my French Silk Pie (an old recipe from my Nanny's older sister, Hilda, that I've reworked a bit) is going to be included in Just Desserts, a cookbook published by KCTS, a PBS affiliate serving more than 1.5 million folks in Seattle, Central Washington and British Columbia. I'm so pleased and flattered and placed an order today!