Tuscan onion confit on the horizon, sunchokes

I served as stenographer at dinner while the boys dictated their Santa wish-list to me. Two of Oliver's primary goals are to receive "bubble water and cucumbers." Doable, yes?! Jack would like a real lasso and a secret cowboy hiding spot. I have secured spurs but am not sure I wish to invite a lasso into my home. Can you even imagine the havoc that might be wreaked? Have I mentioned that the rum balls are ridic?!

Bubbling away on the stove now is a Tuscan onion confit: cipollini, sherry, raisins, pine nuts, red wine vinegar and some sugar and salt. Doesn't that sound divine? You let it cook down until it's almost like a chutney, all shellacked with reduced alcohol and vinegar. I find peeling cipollini peaceful in the relative length-of-time-it-takes to size ratio- you gotta commit to a sit-down session of some time. Aren't these pretty so far?