Trying a gym! Caramelized fennel! And so forth

I just love this nip of fall in the air. It is the BEST to sleep with open windows. This morning, we're heading to Oliver's meet-the-teacher; she taught Jack when he was 2 and is a wonderful woman, as are her co-teachers. He and I are super excited. As his spare outfit, I packed the one Jack wore his first day of school when he was this age. Funny to think my baby is now that old.

Then we're heading to a gym, people. I might join a gym again- they have a kid's club so we'll see how the kids do as that will be the deciding factor really. And then home for my brief 60 minutes of quiet time while O naps and J tries to stay in his room. He and I ended up sleeping in the basement last night and were up for an hour at some point. I feel a little gaga but ah well.

How good does fennel caramelized in Ouzo sound? I'm going to try that out today+ make a celery root remoulade with some of the aioli I made last night for the greens. Mmm...