Town Hall Coffee Co

What is worse than dancing the night away with your love, snuggling into bed and then nightmaring about one of your children being kidnapped and not found? It was awful! I'm just glad this "bad nightdream" (as Ol calls them) didn't resume when I settled back to sleep. Tom and I are on our way home but headed to Merion Station, PA, first for a stop at Town Hall Coffee Co. As serious coffee-philes, we are more than happy to travel for quality joe. And this trip was worth it. I ordered a cortado and bran muffin while T got a cappuccino and cinnamon roll.

The coffee was perfectly pulled: smooth and clean, no acid. Delightfully, too, the muffin and roll were minimally sweet. If ever you're in the Merion Station/Cynwyd area outside Philly, hit Town Hall!