Torrid Tuesday

OhMyGawd, readers. I cannot believe it's only Tuesday, and I can't believe just how long this Tuesday has felt. The regular 5:30am wake-up was especially rough for whatever reason, and then, one by one, we had to say goodbye to my sister. I ran her out to the airport so we had another hour or so together and then I raced home to finish up some grocery shopping and get myself cooking for the faculty luncheon that is less than two days away. 75 people!! Six amazing dishes!! I'm thrilled and honored to be able to help appreciate the incredible people who run and teach at Jack's school but I imagine I might just drop on Thursday afternoon. And then, hah, I have to pack for our family vacation; we leave Friday. It's all good.

I made a batch of blueberry-rhubarb Cava jam to finish off the stashes of each ingredient I had left, hung with Ol for a couple hours, chopped huge amounts of grapes and celery, went to Jack's drama finale, made another 3x round of mujaddara, cleaned mint, peeled pistachios, made the boys dinner, chilled some wine, took a brief yet over-the-phone and unplanned Italian placement test (I'm taking a ten-week course this summer!!) -talk about changing direction for the moment- and am considering starting in on the poaching of 30 chicken breasts.

It was such a treat to have my sister here for so long and to truly enjoy that time together. She is such a good person with so much love to share, and I really admire her positivity and unceasing work ethic. Chin-chin a mia sorella!

Oh, and I finished Jack's birthday invites- can you guess the theme? I'm so glad he doesn't actually have this hair-do. He wrote the script himself! Priceless.

Color rendering is horrid here (ex, his pants aren't silver), but I just can't bring myself to take another pic. I'm sure you understand!