Too pooped for pasta, nice alternative

Y'all, I am entirely too tired to make pasta tonight. We were at Tae Kwon Do until 5:15, and while darling to watch, manhandling post-Rice Krispie Oliver while there took me to the edge. As an aside, when was the last time y'all made Rice Krispie treats? They are so easy and so pleasing. The boys asked if we could put M&Ms in them today, and I agreed, but personally, I think they're better without. The plain Jane way is definitely the way to go. It's like pecan pie; you should NEVER put chocolate in pecan pie. Or bread pudding for that matter. Both are abominations. Anyway, long story now long, pasta is not happening tonight. I did have a beautiful head of cauliflower though. I love cauliflower- do you? Anyway, I cannot believe I have not yet shared this recipe with you, but with said cauliflower, I am making a fantastic roasted, curried dish. The combo of red wine vinegar, curry, coriander, cumin and hot paprika is intoxicating. Tangy, complex. This is an always-winner, and I will post the recipe. It's also great the next day, cold.

Mittens is really starting to irk the balls off of me. He is so pathetic in his complete lack of any conviction of any kind except for his beliefs that Mormons rock and he should be President at any cost. And did anyone happen to read George Will's op-ed in The Washington Post yesterday? I was incensed beyond belief; truly, although I was flat on the couch while reading, I was sputtering like an angry fool. Not only did he accuse President Obama of "intellectual sociopathy," but also went on and on about how Obama isn't as well-educated as he thinks or we all thought. Now listen, George with ye old toupé, Barack was president of the Harvard freaking Law Review. That is not small potatoes. The whole column was just so irritating.

God I am snarky right now.