Tonight was apple-themed dinner night

Yum! This cabbage is sooooo good. I just had to have T take it away from me. You braise red cabbage with apples, in apple cider and add apple cider vinegar at the end. There's also a delicious seasoning of allspice and caraway in there. How can anything this color be bad for you? It's not! For another side dish, I roasted parsnips with honey and olive oil. Now, there is no apple in that dish, but the flavors mesh so well, so yum. Parsnips/honey/apples, they're compatriots! Finally, I slivered a Gala apple and an Asian pear and caramelized those in butter and the coriander sugar I'm always going on about. Atop those I put King salmon filets and pan-roasted it all. Sadly, the thawed King salmon was totally inferior to its fresh counterpart so I won't freeze it again, but hells bells on the coriander sugar-caramelized apples. That would make a freaking amazing tarte tatin. OMG! Look at this gorgeous, sticky, brown, unctuous deliciousness. Aah! I might make a whole pan of them tomorrow.

Have I mentioned how delish the Qupe' Viognier/Chard is? Dios mio.