Tomatoes in all their summer splendor

Yesterday, I was helping shelve books in Jack's school library, and the librarian told me about her parents' organic farm in Delaware (cool!) and how her mother had recently brought over a truckload of fresh tomatoes. They are awash in tomatoes and have already made a freezer-full of pizza and spaghetti sauces and the like. Naturally this conversation prompted me to think about all the ways in which I enjoy tomatoes, as you probably know in spades by this time in the year.

I've been eating the cherry varieties like candy lately, just popping them in my mouth every time I pass the bowl I leave full on the kitchen counter (please tell me you are not refrigerating your toms!!). I eat them when I pass our plants, although they're dwindling seriously now, outside. And I still can't resist buying more tomatoes each and every time I go to the store or market. I bought these beauties yesterday after I left the library and propped them on my sunny windowsill to ripen a bit more, knowing I'd make a pie with them tonight. Gorgeous, yes? They're languid yet not, sexy in all their ripe vegetalness.

I'm pretty excited about this dish- it's my corn, bacon and basil tomato pie.