Tofu burritos, pizza Sunday

After a productive detour through a Baltimore Home Depot this afternoon, we headed home, did a little bit more work on the now officially awesome playhouse and then I headed to the market. My only disappointment about the fabulous past two weekends I've had is that I've missed the farmers market both times. Withdrawal! So, to the market. I knew we were grooving on a pizza night so picked up some good cheese and such, but in preparation for Meatless Monday, I made some tofu burritos. These also freeze well, which is what I'll do with most of them. Without the avocados of course. Pretty, eh? Quick quote from 30 Rock rerun:

Liz: "the gala's not tonight? why are you in a tux?" Jack: "it's after 6:00p, what am I a farmer?"