Today is bordering on "one of those days"

It is a gorgeous day here, albeit extremely windy. One of those that makes me glad we aren't getting on an airplane. Instead, I've been cooking for tonight, playing with the pets (have I mentioned how flipping adorable Nutmeg is?) and trying to enjoy the many things both boys feel they MUST.TELL.US.NOW. I took J to Tae Kwon Do, and after a quick come to jesus, he did his very best. It's fun to watch the kids don their sparring gear and start kicking each other. They're all so little and cute but the gear is totally enormous; it's like powder puff kick-boxing. In any case, Oliver has taken whining to a new level, and I've had just enough random difficulty doing stupid stuff (ex: trying to post a new recipe and having the whole thing just disappear; grr) that I'm starting to feel extremely peevish. It is Day 1 of winter vacation, and I swear y'all, Ol's new whinetastic affect makes me want to run for the hills already. Mother of god. And seriously, how can they both talk SO much? It boggles the mind. Literally.

What is good is the menu for our fête tonight! Rosemary-rubbed salmon, aged goat cheese and leek confit tart, gumbo, roasted veggies, cheese straws, delicious cheese plate, pepper jelly, salad with pears and pom, chocolate-almond-rum cake, goat cheese-crème fraîche cheesecake with balsamic sour cherry sauce, champagne punch, wine....

Oh, and the recipe for last night's fantastic shrimp cassoulet is now posted. Just as good, if not better, today!