Toaster, water bottle, postmarkchef

What a cool day at Eat, Write Retreat. I am ass-tired right now but am heading home with a Calphalon 4-slot toaster, a new BPA-free and well-designed water bottle from OXO and a meal kit from the very cool Postmarkchef Co. The sessions today were enormously interesting, educational and humbling in some respects. The Food Styling & Photography class with local power duo, Renee Comet and Lisa Cherkasky was great, and I have lots of good new ideas as well as a reignited determination to take a photog course ASAP. What's an f stop, again? I don't ever want to use my flash when snapping food pics? Shite!

Then lunch at Elizabeth's Gone Raw... Oh man, t-30 minutes. Gotta frost the cheesecake with lime curd, brush my teeth and find a second wind. More later!