To Carlsbad

I do believe I could stay here for weeks more, but such is not to be. Today we head north to Carlsbad today where more beach and Legoland await. T has been working a ton since we arrived but is now at a fantastic playground with the boys while I finish packing things up. As an aside, I am so proud of him (T). Like never before he is able to immerse in work but then put it aside when he can or needs to. The boys and I have been a happy, adventurous triumvirate, and then when T joins, we become an even jollier foursome. The power of a new context, if only for a short time, is remarkable.

I am happy to have a half hour of quiet right now and have spent most of it looking back over the pics we've snapped since Saturday. Also, it is snowing in DC as I type, and it would be difficult to adequately express how grateful I am to be here instead, short sleeves and a light skirt on, winter gear left thousands of miles away. Gratitude, gratitude is a'flowing!

Last night we grilled burgers for the boys and bacon-wrapped chicken for us. I needed to use up the mess of spicy mustard greens I'd bought at the farmers market on Saturday so sauteed them and then tossed with some roasted golden beets and fresh favas I picked up at a nearby Whole Foods (where I also purchased the 365 frozen shoestring potatoes which are actually really, really good. You should try some!). To go alongside our chicken and warm salad, I made a mint-pistachio yogurt sauce. Wonderful!

And we're off!