Tired Thursday, intense craving

I am extremely tired today. Like to-the-bone tired. The kids' sleep schedules are really off for some reason, and the early wake-ups are bringing me down. Pilates was a struggle this morning, and until my babysitter left at noon, I sent into the ether, regular tributes of thanks for her presence. Presently, I am pleading with the sleep gods to pull Ol into a good nap despite the fact that he is enthusiastically singing about wanting to drive an excavator when he's older. In addition to waking up with the roosters, he spent nearly 2 hours at the playground; the bags under his eyes are enormous and belie his claims of not being tired. Unfortunately I have to be at Jack's school tonight for a meeting when in fact I'd much rather be nestled on the couch, wrapped in PJs and a blanket. Sigh. This time of year is SO busy. About a half hour ago, I realized that I simply must make a coconut cream pie. Do you like CCP? I loooovvve it. When I was younger, still living with my parents, Mom and I would sometimes splurge and buy a Sara Lee coconut cake from the grocery freezer section, get two forks and go to town. I'm having an intense taste memory of that right now, but in pie form.

Did Oliver just crawl out of his crib? Oh man.