Thoughts on local food production, just-pickled lots of stuff

I really find the whole process of buying just-harvested produce in the morning and preserving or cooking it mere hours later to be infinitely satisfying. It makes me feel connected to the Earth and to the farmers who worked to nurture these foods as they grew and then gently picked and transported them to market. I imagine they watch with pride as we head home with our purchases, perhaps wondering what we'll be cooking, whether it'd be something they'd like, if we'll treat the food well or let it go to waste. Leaving the market with a big haul, as I did this morning, always feels like a terrifically good challenge to me precisely because I feel I can't, WON'T, let their hard work be for naught. Even though I compost all our food waste, it still feels like I'm letting down the many farmers from whom I buy if I don't utilize and appreciate their wares.

So it feels quite good and quite productive to have already taken care of the garlic scapes and most all the squash. Pretty, huh?!