Thoughts from the morning so far

It is a full-scale gully-washer out there, and I love it. The kids are at school, and today is a longer day for both as Jack has theater after school and Ol stays for lunch and science. I say amen. After carpool, I went to the gym and showed it who was boss. Then I came home, turned on the Vince Guaraldi Charlie Brown Christmas CD -oh yes I did even though it's only 10/2; these are the things you can do brazenly when no one is home to make fun of you- and made the most darling batch of mini blueberry-cream scones for a library meeting I've got tomorrow morning. I'm also bringing lemon curd, and really, is there a better combination? Well, there are but only equally so.

I decided to christen my new biscuit-cutter, and let me tell you/warn you, those suckers are sharper than you might expect. I immediately nicked my finger, but this might be my new favorite tool anyway. It's so pleasing, those perfect little rounds it produces. Oh my. Just when you think you're in control of nothing, you remember that you bought a 2" biscuit cutter, and all seems well in the world.

Today is my dear daddy's birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!!!! You are the youngest 62 year old I know!

I'm about to embark on Project Meatball. These are the greatest meatballs in the world but they are an eNORmous job. As the recipe makes enough for 16 people (read: 80 or meatballs), I don't do this often, 4-5 times per year, but am always glad when I do.  It's the kind of recipe you should never halve because the amount of work really doesn't diminish, but your final product, of course, does. So, embark on this on a day like today which is really a perfect one for a meatball party. Then make friends with your freezer and for the next several months, at least, you'll be happy every time you defrost and indulge in these.