This Friday draws to a close, yippee!

Despite the revolting and sleep-deprived ways in which today commenced, it has, since, been lovely. One of my favorite people came over with her son (Ol's age), and the three boys were thick as thieves for hours. Jack went to Lego camp, and afterwards I took him to Tae Kwon Do for blue-belt testing. He passed and is extremely proud. I am too! Then we went to the market for a celebratory dinner o' his faves - taco platter, caffeine-free berry tea, a chocolate sandwich cookie- and I picked up a roast chicken for an easy main for T and me. I started feeling extremely tired around 6:30p, dropped an entire pan of olive oil-slicked celery root cubes into the hot oven whose door I'd just pulled open and cursed under my breath during the entire clean-and-toss aftermath. As I opened the cabinet above the fridge, I heard a threatening slide and looked up just as a large cheeseboard was considering bashing me in the head. Calling it safe and simple seemed increasingly wise, and so I put T in charge of carving the bird while I made a very basic tomato, corn and feta salad with lemon thyme, basil and a champagne vinaigrette. Fresh hunks of juicy watermelon and some warm multigrain bread rounded out a satisfying TGIF dinner.

Tomorrow I'll be in Pennsylvania for a friend's bridal shower so I'll be on the road and out of touch. Off to finish wrapping gifts, visit with my honey and hit the hay!