Thing 2 You Don't Know You Need, But Do

Has anyone bought a Thermapen yet? Kidding. But seriously, that is a great kitchen gadget. Today's featured tool from my kitchen is my Escali Primo digital scale. I have to hand it to my DH for buying this as I wouldn't have otherwise. It seemed superfluous- would I actually use it? YES! This is unquestionably a must in my kitchen, and truly, I use it at least three times a week, probably more. I've got a block of chocolate but need just 4 oz? No problem. 250 grams of flour? Got it. How much does that "_" weight? No more guessing. While useful all around, it's especially important in some recipes calling for flour; because flours can settle, have different densities and so forth, cup-type measurements aren't as accurate as are actual weights.

This scale is not fancy and it wasn't expensive, especially when amortized over number of times used. I think T got this on amazon for $21. Also, if it makes you feel happy, it comes in a wide array of colors.