There's Something About Pie, amazing nuts, what's for dinner?

Today was such a marathon. T left the house at 5:15am to catch his flight, and by 7:25a the boys and I were at a local breakfast spot, waiting for it to open. Then we went to a friend's house for a playdate and dogdate. It was super fun but wow- all those little boys and boy dogs. The energy was major. While being chased by host dog, Percy pooped mid-run ON my friend's carpet. Could I have died? Yes! Did I even know that was possible? No! Oh lordy, thank you, L, for being such a sweet and laid-back pal. I didn't think T would make it home for dinner tonight so all I've got planned is this key lime pie. Ah well. I'm going to make some sugared lime wedges to go atop the whipped cream I'll put on this once it cools. It's supposed to chill for at least 8 hours, but again, ah well. It'll get about 2. We'll get its full force of flavor tomorrow at breakfast I suppose. The color of real key lime is so funky; looking at this pic, I feel like I'm gifting my hubby with a pistachio pie. That might also be good, but this is indeed just lime juice.

Do y'all ever wonder why I make so many pies? For one, pie is just good. Secondly, they're quite easy by and large. Thirdly, they've got a nice crust-to-filling ratio which I find critical, and lastly, T adores pie. He much prefers pie to cake, and in fact, in lieu of the groom's cake that is so traditional in the South, we had 9 pies- three each of his three favorite flavors. I am not kidding when I tell you that all 9 were gone faster than we could clink our champagne glasses. So, there is something about pie.

Today I bought provisions for the best seasoned nuts recipe I've ever enjoyed. The recipe is courtesy of my dear writer friend, D, and I'm going to roast some of these up just before the party starts on Thursday. Mixed nuts, butter, rosemary, brown sugar, cayenne and kosher salt, all tossed and baked until fragrant and zippy. I've never seen folks be able to control their intake of them, and with D's permission, I'll share the recipe with you soon!