The wonder of gardening, and take-out on occasion

Rain be damned! Cold too, for that matter. It was in the 40s here today- so sudden; wasn't it in the 80s yesterday? Anyway, despite the cold and rain, I actually did quite a bit of gardening today and loved every second- Oliver helped me while Jack painted. These are the kinds of nice afternoons that I wish we had a few more of- each person immersed in something he/she enjoys, we're together but also independent, the work supplanting some of the talking. Aah. It felt so good to cut and clear away all the detritus that's amassed in the yard's nooks and crannies over the past few months. I got a number of beautiful, simple, fall-hardy plants and flowers at the nursery today, and it was lovely to put some new in with the old. Did you know there is a "Pretty Lady Emily" flower? I had to buy it as it flowers in part shade- a rarity. The flowering shamrocks I planted for Oliver (born on St. Patrick's day) are still going great guns, and the mums Jack picked out last year have returned. I'm always surprised by just how good I feel after some time working in the yard, especially when the mosquitoes are at bay. Not one bite, not one buzz in my face, just quiet and calm and work and progress and pretty things to show for it all at the end. T and I are doing take-out tonight- an infrequent but appreciated break. Lebanese Taverna, here we come.