The ultimate donuts, hilarious event

At present, we're in the Lake Charles airport and Oliver is an overtired, overstimulated ham. I'm stifling my laughter because he's showing off by lolling and rolling about on the floors, and it's disgusting and certainly shouldn't be promoted, but he is really a crack-up. If you are or ever find yourself in Lake C,

20121014-134849.jpg please do yourself the enormous favor of going to Nelson's Donuts on E McNeese St. OH.MY.GOD. Best donuts ever. In high school, we started most post-slumber party days there, and since I've been bringing the boys to see Mom and Dad, Nelson's has reemerged as an excellent and delicious tradition! The plain glazed are spectacular, as are the chocolate glazed and strawberry jelly filleds.

20121014-135610.jpg We bought a dozen and these were the remains...

Almost-disaster story from last night will have to wait until later- we're about to take off.