The sun is out!

Folks, I will tell you that I started this day off in a seriously grumpy way. I was having the best night of sleep when lo, Oliver woke me up at 5 carrying on about a tee-tee deluge. I recognize that a flooded diaper is decidedly yuk, but how does such a small being produce so much after he's not eaten or drunk for hours. I changed him and put him in bed with me and told him in no uncertain terms that he'd best not consider uttering even a peep. Then he starts wailing, Mr. Overly Tired, Nearly-4-and-Thusly-Dramatic child that he currently is, telling me that I was making him do it. Y'all, I did not feel happy thoughts at that moment. I just did not at all. I believe I slipped back asleep for a bit but it wasn't much in the way of good rest, and I was extremely peevish by the time I finally dropped him off at school FOUR HOURS LATER. Isn't it absurd to have already been awake FOUR HOURS when you're to then spend a day at school?! I'm so over being this tired. I've been tired of being this tired since it became abundantly clear that while we'd hit the sleep jackpot with Jack, we went in the opposite direction with Oliver. That was about 3 years ago. No wonder I look like I do sometimes. Shite! Nonetheless, I came home to my quiet abode, tidied up, was excited to find that my Celeriac-Potato Mash with Beer-Molasses Reduction was chosen as a Community Pick on Food 52, made some fresh ricotta (I've been pining for it for ever; why has it been so long?!?), ate a great sandwich and chopped up some fruit for a playdate here later. The sun is out, my mood is improved, I think I'll hit the gym!