The secondary, or is it primary, punishment when your kids are grounded; plea for "pee"

Ok, so being that the kids are grounded, I'm realizing that basically I am too. I am not amused. With just a few hours of camp each day, no TV, no electronics for the love, and a real unwillingness to play independently for long, this momma is irritated and wiped. Seriously, I cannot believe we must still plow our way through a holiday weekend. I'm sorry, my tap has runneth dry. And I know I speak for many parents out there when I say that in no way do I find the prospect of this Labor Day "holiday" exciting. Holiday my ass. You know what else drives me batty? When people tell their kids to "make pee-pee." For starters, "pee-pee" grosses me out to the max. Say pee or tee-tee for goodness sakes. And please let the action be the verb. You're not making a g-damn cake; you're peeing. Your body has already made it. Just go already. PEE!

My twenty pounds of tomatoes are staring at me. They want to be canned so badly I think they might start weeping silent, red, seedy tears. Or is that me? If I don't get to them soon, I'm gonna throw a tantrum. I really think I will. My primary success on this rainy day, beyond maintaining a wonderful maternal calm I in no way feel has been keeping my hair, which I spent two hours getting manicured this morning, dry.

Sometimes it's the little things.