The past 24 and a risotto

Last night, some middle-aged dude in an Infiniti rear-ended me as we both attempted to exit the miserable parking lot of the Whole Foods on River Road. He hit me hard, really hard, and my neck and shoulders have not been thankful recipients since. My bumper looked fine, so I hope it actually is thus. I just didn't have the energy to deal with another hassle, especially of the automotive type. Hoping another good night of sleep will relax my platysmal muscles and let me forget this irritation. Today was a whirlwind of meetings, phone calls, drop-offs, pick-ups and I built a desk for Ol's room. Until three days ago, he had a retro kitchen in that spot. It was full of pot holders and ingredients, special pans and accouterments; my darling little sous. But then he said, "Mom, I have work to do. I need a desk." And really, what could I say? He's a man with a plan, so today we built a desk.

And then he asked for a rolling chair, and I said "No" because A) it's excessive and B) rolling chairs don't work on carpet, and then we were at a Mom- 5yo impasse, and I gave up for a few hours. Bygones.

T got home, put the boys to bed, and I started in on a risotto idea on which I'd been noodling all day: corn, corn stock, ramps, walnuts and pecorino. It wasn't amazing but it was solid and new; I've been terribly bored lately, just waiting impatiently for the season to actually change so that new ingredients will be at my disposal. I simply must shut the door on certain things for a while -oranges, apples, mushrooms- so that when they inevitably roll around again, I can greet them eagerly, like a long-lost friend.