The past 24

People, it's been a day. My parents left, Nutmeg had a booster shot, J and I went to the farmers market where he requested at least one of everything (but was totally darling, and like I'll ever say no to my little boy wanting one more apple), Percy looked slightly mournful, we went to the playground, some of us got barbecue, another insisted on salad, O had a wildly apoplectic meltdown because I misunderstood his answer and flushed the toilet instead of letting him do so, then he had another about something involving poop and I'll leave it at that, we went to the regular market, T gave Ol a haircut, one of J's front teeth is literally hanging by a thread and is askew to a very odd degree, Ol let me know that I might find wafting crackers in some of my shoes, and Nutmeg continues to attach T's feet in bed but not mine, never mine.Nutmeg I did have the presence of mind to get all the necessary ingredients for steak fajitas for dinner, and boy were they good. T riffed on a Tyler Florence marinade recipe, and the steak was top-shelf. NIK_1663 steak fajitas

Have I told you that I signed up for an online food-writing course? I'm quite excited though I tend to feel about online education the way I do about e-newspapers versus the real thing (there is nothing better than the real thing); class begins 1/15, and I'm most looking forward to it despite my Luddite-like attitude.

Too, T's Christmas surprise from me was a weekend in Charleston for his January birthday, and we leave in less than two weeks. Neither of us has ever been (yes, I do feel like a failed Southerner) but have heard great things and plan to eat, drink and explore our way straight through it. Thank you T's parents for keeping our children and this gift of time together!!

What happened to the Redskins tonight? Sad.