The NOquester cake

oh no snow People, today was the most overrated, underwhelming "storm" of which I've ever been part. Even the kids were totally baffled, and Jack was extremely disappointed that he had to miss chess class because of a wildly nicknamed and anticipated weather event that, for us, just did not come to pass. I said it before, and I'll say it again, ye weatherpeople out there, Angry Birds or something. Here is the extent of our hit.

"snowquester" in effect

We decided to make a cake, and naturally, the boys wanted vanilla and chocolate. So, I suggested a "marble cake in a castle pan" which sounded extremely fancy and appealing to them but which involved nothing more than making vanilla cake, pouring half into a nice bundt pan, mixing cocoa into the remaining batter and then spreading that on top. They went nuts. While it cooled, we decided to walk to Crate and Barrel for an item I needed and then to a little spot they like to get some take-out dinner. Crate and Barrel was closed, for pete's sakes. I do believe my friend, NLF posted it best: "In DC, we stock up on 3 weeks of groceries, secure an alternative heat source (as we are likely to lose basic utilities), count on extended office closures, and generally prepare for armageddon. This is where the seat of our government is. I will never get it."


Anyway, the cake turned out well and afterwards the boys chased each other for a full 30 minutes. Finally, cheeks blazing red, they attempted to out-dive-into-bed each other before I basically just shut them in their respective rooms.

the "NOquester" cake

Aah. Wine for me, and I'm definitely going to make the pecorino fried bread recipe with which Melissa Clark graced us today.