The incredible imaginations children have

Throughout today, I was repeatedly struck by the expansive creativity in my boys' imaginations. Before we picked J up at school, I was folding laundry in my room, and O was in and out as I worked.At one point, he called, quite seriously, "Mommy, come here!" I said, "What, where are you?" "In Jack's room; there is a huge, black, seahorse by his bed." "Really?" I exclaimed. "Yes, come see him; he is so nice."

O told J about this when we got home and for the next 30 minutes, they were seahorse catchers and caretakers. There was some crazy element of, "oh, here is a dead seahorse; well, let's show Mommy his skeleton" but overall it was darling to watch them romp with their seahorse lassos.

Just now, I went in to check on them both, and where did I find J? On the floor in what must have been an attempt to approximate a cowboy bedroll. He legs were tucked into a pillowcase, pillow on the ground, and he'd changed his outfit from button-down tucked into jeans with a belt to a striped thermal shirt and jeans. Good lord, Cowboy J.

On tap tomorrow are honey-glazed root vegetables and something drawn from the hat of fabulous to-make recipes I attempted to organize today. Will keep you posted. Good night.