The house of brotherly love and battle, cooking (and other) plans for the day

Y'all have never seen such fighting and raging and gnashing as I've witnessed this morning as the boys battled over a clothespin (really) until I took it away. On the one hand, it makes me want to run away; on the other, I envy them in that a clothespin is stressful. How simple life is when you're young, and then you don't even really remember that. Ah well. And then they express their love for each other. After I get these dervishes to school, I am more than desperate to reclaim some order and control over my house and intend to try. I can tell today will be a good day to throw things out with little to no concern. You gotta take these days when they come. I also want to head to the market but will probably do so with Ol after his nap.

Also on tap is breadcrumb making, beet roasting, possible quince and persimmon dealing and caramel apple pie baking! And who has seen David Tanis' recipe for Thai-style Sea Scallop Cakes in the NYT Dining today? That sounds pretty darn tasty; I don't much like scallops as the primary thing on a plate unless they've been ground and mashed into cakes. Scallop cakes are quite good.