The first two

OMGY'all thepasttwodayshavebeensuchawhirlwind. Really, they have been nuts. Happy but full-on bonkers.

The kids reported each having a fabulous, "awesome" first day of school. Afterwards, hell-bent on treats from Baked & Wired, we schlepped from Bethesda to Georgetown, a trip I must never before have made either ever or during the post-school hour. I do not recommend that you do this. We weren't yet at Glover Park when the kids started in on the "what is taking so long? Are we just around the corner?" We were not.

However, the ginormous brownie (Ol) and chocolate chip cookie-vanilla ice cream sandwich (J) made up for the drive. Sated and happy, we decided on a stroll by the canal. 96 degrees does not make a leisurely stroll fun in the least, so we spent approximately 8 minutes studying the locks, the ducks and the dirty water before hightailing it back to our car.

I was determined to cook a great dinner for the boys and for T and me so once home set J up with his homework, plunked Ol down with a Halloween costume catalog I received yesterday and on which he immediately became fixated - "Mom, I cannot decide between Boba Fett and Jango Fett. How will I decide? One has two guns but no holsters. The other has a missile launcher on his arm but only one gun. One is green but too dark of green. One is blue. Maybe that one." - and made sliders for J and salmon for O while also making... wait for it... a plum tart.

I love how T is always like, "Oh, Lady, you're making another plum tart" before diving in for a wedge the size of Texas. What is a girl to do? I mean, plum season doesn't last forever, yo. So I make 'em until I can't anymore.

Later, because my dear tomato friend is still rolling in tomatoes and, thus, so am I (read it with the gratitude that's there y'all, but really, there are only so many ways to eat tomatoes), I made a new tomato dish: stewed in my Lodge with olive oil, garlic and fresh oregano; topped with smoked mozzarella, breadcrumbs and pecorino and then broiled until melty and crispy. Quite good, BUT, not the sort of yummy-slop that photographs well. Just go with it.

Today I spent the morning at school taking pictures of all the kids. What a darling bunch of children, and boy do some love the camera. Little girls can really strike a pose! I'm heading back there soon. Hope that everyone who is "back to school" in some way has had a great start.