The energy of 5 year olds, vanilla cupcakes

I am telling you what, these kids have no idea how lucky they are to have the energy they have. One of Jack's best girlfriends is here for the afternoon, and they are absolutely darling. They've been "hunting" something in the backyard with a bug net and an old wrapping paper tube. Hilarious. Now we've got cupcakes in the oven, and they're making a mural. When I watch them, my mind immediately conjures an image of whirling dervishes. They're both beanpole-thin, the same height, arms and legs akimbo as they move and bounce, dance and tumble. You can see that they're perfectly at ease with each other, and it's very dear. And I like that she doesn't take any nonsense from Jack. Hilarious! While I did have an egg-free chocolate cake recipe, I didn't have a vanilla one. Now I do, and based on in-depth batter tasting by me and my spoon, I'll tell you that it's good. After we taste-test the finished product, I'll post the recipe if it's up to snuff. It's dairy-free too! I wish I'd had some shredded coconut to stir in but instead swirled in a ribbon of strawberry puree.