The concert, kumquats!!!

Ok, so four years after I heard Mi Burrito for the first time, I finally have confirmation that is not, in fact, about a burrito but about a donkey. The many Spanish teachers I had are rolling in their graves -figuratively, of course, they're all still with us. But honestly, I should have further considered why the children would be singing about their burritos around the winter holidays. Avocados are not even in season for a guac garnish. In any case, the holiday concert was darling, Ol wore a black bowtie and red pants, Jack and I had almost-matching red plaid shirts on, and everything was festive and sweet.

I also got a pill down Nutmeg which is awesome.

And, look what I bought yesterday!!! KUMQUATS! If you think I've already made ricotta to go along with these once they're candied, you are correct!