The chicken again, sick?, random thoughts

I liked that chicken stew so much last Thursday night that I made it again this afternoon. Recipe is here if you want to try your hand at this warming, hearty dish! It was awfully nice to see the sun today, and I worked in the yard despite the fact that I definitely suspected something icky this way comes. My every muscle aches, and the vaguest bit of quease is omnipresent. Suffice it to say that I'll be going to bed early and doing little during the day tomorrow except taking J to the dentist.

Have you seen the new Old Spice deodorant commercial in which all the moms are spying on their sons while singing about their becoming men? It's hilarious. Meanwhile the Subway commercials make me want to jump off a cliff. JanuANY? Everyone knows that no Subway sandwiches ever look like those in the commercials. And I am sorry for Nastia Liukin that her name sounds so much like Nasty.

Simon Baker is delicious.

Can I just tell y'all how much I am looking forward to Friday? On that day, T and I are free for the weekend, his parents taking the boys so we can celebrate T's birthday. I am definitely in need of a quiet, adult respite. The holidays were spectacular, but wow, I feel like I'm too close to overcooked.