The boys, whole foods, the potatoes?

In 24 hours, I will be halfway to Portland, but who's counting. Pilates was awesome today, and afterwards I went to Oliver's end-of-camp celebration. He was so proud and darling, and I was somewhat overcome by how fast he's grown and how capable he is at the tender age of 2 and change. He received the Most Helpful award which didn't surprise me as, for the most part, he really loves to clean. He has a sprayer (that doesn't work thank god) that he carries around, and when he gets ready, he asks for a clean towel, "sprays" the floor and scrubs so hard you think he's going to pull his back out. It's adorable, and I was proud that he assisted his counselors when they sang the clean-up song. Jack finishes up camp tomorrow and feels quite sad about it. He has acquired a third girlfriend this summer; in addition to the two heads-of-camp that he began courting last summer (and who still head up camp), he has fallen in love with Ms. Jamie, his super-cute counselor. Keeping up with his love-card making is getting to be some work. He continues to be Mr. Fashion/Professional Police-guy, and refuses to attend camp without his fancy belt and his shirt tucked in. I swear if I could get him a button down onesie it'd be his favorite item of clothing as it incenses him when his shirt won't stay tucked. I bought him a pair of Madras pants this week, and he is smitten with them. I love it. Part of my never-to-have-a-daughter grieving was about the clothes- no one to shop with, no one to give a stink about fashion. But damn if I didn't get the cutest little fashion-plate son ever. Thank you universe.

Check out the yumminess that summer provides. I love this fruit, this mess of veggie goodness. Delicious! Whole foods rock.

Y'all, why is Oliver still singing in his crib despite having been up since 5:10a? Last I checked, he was not bionic. Hello, child, it's naptime.

Anyway, today I think it's time to investigate what's hanging on to the forest of potato greens that have grown out of the potato bag. I learned that when the potatoes are ready, the greens get really shabby looking- wilty, brownish, etc. We're there. Here's hoping that unlike the pitiful situation with my carrots and radishes (a profusion of green tops but no bottoms), we get some potatoes out of this experiment. I'll keep you posted. Send some good vibes.