The best-ever chili verde

Having wilted during the 98 degree playdate and then having been foiled by arriving at the waterpark with Oliver's diaper so full of a surprise poop that it had gone through this shorts, we had to head home. I cooked the boys a fantastic dinner but didn't feel that I'd have the energy to do the same for T and me. Where did I then head? The deep-freeze in the garage. It (not the freezer; me (or you) never fails to make extras of great food. Last time I searched out there I found homemade meatballs and hamantashen. Today I discovered the best chili verde in the world. I adapted the Chili Verde champion recipe from Food Network such that I use ground turkey instead of pork. It's rich with tomatillos, pounds upon pounds of sweet and hot green peppers, onions, enchilada sauce and so forth. Really great and it freezes beautifully. So, although it is not really chili season, that's what we're having tonight. I'm going to attempt a glass of my beloved Qupé Chard/Viognier but the nose situation over here might prevent that from being a pleasurable addition to dinner. We'll see. I'll post the recipe should any of you feel inspired to make it. It is absolutely awesome although, forewarned is forearmed, it's a labor-intensive chili. You'll chop for hours and ultimately wipe your fingers on your eyes or nose even though you swore that with all the chili chopping you'd be careful. Then you'll burn and cuss for a while, but I swear that when you eat your chili, it'll all be worth it!

PS- great with cheddar biscuits!!