The BEST chicken salad

Y'all, good chicken salad is hard to beat in terms of both "damn, this is delicious" and "wow, this is so comforting I could eat eight pounds without blinking an eye." I found myself with a hankering for this salad, my Nanny's recipe, yesterday while at the market. On the off-chance that I would remember to make it today, I bought some lovely chicken breasts. I remembered! Poached chicken, cinnamon, grapes, celery, pecans. Perfect! Nanny's chicken salad

Alongside I roasted some asparagus sprinkled with olive oil, salt and lemon, and we opened a fantastic Pinot Noir, the Williams-Selyem 2009. It was a gift, and from the taste of it, a really freaking good one! Off to watch Real Time from last night. Amen for Bill!

roasted asparagus

Do y'all know that today my husband earned a "husband of the year" award (for today)? Hah! But seriously, he let me sleep in until 9 and later took the children to his parents' house for four hours where they all played together. No complaining, all positive, I didn't even have to ask. Go T!!!!!