Thanks for muffins, feeling vague

In all honesty, I woke up this morning thinking I'd managed to elude the post-drinking-with-pals aftermath. Alas, that was nothing more than a delusion. I wouldn't say I'm super-hungover, but I do feel rather spacey and thankful that I don't have to do anything difficult or that requires much serious thought today. Presently, I am flat on the couch, happy the boys are at school, lacking any and all motivation for pretty much everything. I did, however, have the good sense to make some muffins; blackberry was the flavor of the morning, and they hit the spot. 

As we're leaving tomorrow, I'm going to try and use up anything that won't last until Monday. The parsley and cilantro definitely won't, so chimichurri they will become. I adore chimichurri and the recipe I use has a great ratio of herbs to vinegar. You get flavor and kick but the sauce never overwhelms that with which you serve it. Done and done. I'll make it.....after this nap.