Thank you, for the Grands

An enormous, heartfelt thanks to all of you who so quickly have helped me clear out a good deal of space in my jam closet. I hope you enjoy your goodies; I'm off to make more! If you are still interested, I'm now out of strawberry-rhubarb-lemon, cherry plum, and peach-apricot almond but you are otherwise a go. And yes, I ship! I slogged my way through Pilates this morning, almost constantly repeating to myself the mantra, "this is good for me, this is good for me." If we'd stayed in any supine or prone position for long, I'd have been out like a light; as it was, I tried to muffle my many yawns. Mom had shipped up Louisiana irises from her garden for two of my friends, so I delivered those (I love the idea of my mom's garden reaching into others') and then headed home to cook dinner for the Grands (if you're not familiar with this, I cook dinner twice a week for the loveliest nonagenarian couple to whom I affectionately refer as the Grands): fava bean and mint puree to go alongside pan-seared filets, roasted potatoes with truffle salt, raspberry and watermelon salad. Aren't these steaks and the puree gorgeous? The meat looks lacquered! We'll be having the same meal this evening.

pan-seared filet mignon with fava bean and mint puree