Terrific Tuesday

Hark- what is that in the sky? That blindingly bright light? What are those wisps of white blowing across a blue palette? Dare I say it's the sun set against a blue sky studded with clouds? Good lord, people, it's stunning! The reports seem to suggest that the temp will rise steadily through tomorrow and then plummet us back into a wintry lull by the weekend, but it is still January, and I am simply grateful for a beautiful day, once again pleased by all the windows our home has. Deep and happy exhale. The kids are at school, and I'm on hour four of blissful, productive solitude. I made more blood orange Prosecco jelly as well as a cheesecake for a test run I'm doing. I've crossed four things off my list of six- egads- one of which was to watch the first lecture for an online course I'm auditing on The U.S. Food System. I know, I know, I have added another major To-Do to my life, but I simply couldn't pass up this opportunity. Have you heard of Coursera? I don't have the slightest idea how it'll make money, but in the meantime, three cheers. Hundreds of courses offered FOR FREE by a huge range of colleges and universities. Mine's taught by two incredibly accomplished professors at the Johns Hopkins Center for a Liveable Future, and so far I've really enjoyed the readings and lecture.

Oh, and I posted the chili recipe from last night because it was so darn good: Cinnamon-Spiked Red Chili, in Soups.