Teavana, inappropriate experience buying pizza at Whole Foods

Y'all, I had a very educational tea experience today at Teavana. A young woman asked if I wanted to taste some tea- I really did so took her up on the offer. Turns out she seemed to know everything(!) about tea. Did you know white tea is hydrating? I did not know any tea could be hydrating. The teas she had were gorgeous- fruits and leaves bursting with color and scent. I'm not much of a tea gal beyond the random mug before bed sometimes, but I'm gonna tell you that I felt inspired, and truly, these teas were good. So, I got some hydrating Youthberry. Delish, and the whole experience was quite interesting. The boys and I then went to the market and I let them get pizza for dinner; while waiting for the guy to box it up, he turned around and I saw FULL-ON BUTT/CRACK. This is TOTALLY not OK anywhere really, but especially at a Whole Foods or other grocery. BLECH!!!!

Oliver is crawling around on the floor with his head down, as if he's a head mop. It's very weird, and if I weren't certain that he were actually quite bright, I think I'd be alarmed.