Tart recipe posted, "this day"

Ol always says "this day" and "next day" which I love and hence the title. This day was just that: a day. A less than stellar one, a tired one at that (more up-all-night'ness last night; fever; sick; yuk) but a regular old day really. I don't even know my name anymore but the kids are in bed and T and I are cooking dinner together which is lovely:  grilled lime chicken; the Brussels sprouts; roasted carrots. Simple but it'll be good. And, I've a lovely glass o' tequila which I super-deserve. Quick note that last night's magnificent tart recipe is now posted in Entrees as Caramelized Shallot, Cabbage and Tasso Tart. Fab.

Oliver'ism of the day for your pleasure: 5:45am, in our bed. Ol is coughing and we're out of children's Mucinex (worst name ever by the way). T and I are wondering aloud if the CVS down the street is open yet, and Ol pipes in with "I think it is because when we went out looking for pinecones that morning, it was open."

Erm, reference being the morning last September when they snuck out in all manner of weird outfit, ostensibly to look for pinecones, and were returned to us by the FBI at roughly 6:20am. CVS does open at 6am so Ol's recollection checks out. Not sure whether to be proud or not. Keen observation skills? Check. Humor? To be sure.

Did y'all see Taran Killam's impersonation of Matthew McConaughey on SNL last night? Flipping hiLARious!!!!