Tart is magnificent, ricotta

Oh my...this is absolutely divine. Here is the tart, halfway dressed with sugar-coated grapefruit wedges. Then, realizing I was about to thrust my face right in the tart, I decided to take a quick pic and then have a piece and then post. Don't you like my priorities? If you like bittersweet, this treat is right up your alley. A combination of fresh grapefruit juice, pulp (that's what the piecey-looking things in the tart skin are), sweetened condensed milk and egg yolks makes this perfectly sweet-sour-bitter custard which you then pour into a wonderfully flaky, blind-baked shell. Cook until the custard has set and voila. I looooove this. Earlier, when I was waiting for the tart shell to chill and T to get home with my grapefruits, I made more ricotta. Heaven, people, heaven.