Taking a gamble in the kitch, maybe 2, funny Jack

I'm considering reentry into the world of wine drinking. It seems the bulk of whatever bug I had has passed, and a lovely glass of white actually sounds lovely. But that's not my primary challenge right now. No, I might have a failed dish on my hands. Experimentation is fun and also key to growth as a cook, so I decided to act on a random recipe idea I'd had sloshing around my brain today: mango gougères. They're in the oven now and are actually puffing quite nicely. I was concerned that the addition of my mango purée would render them too dense to rise; so far they are, however, and might I add that they're a lovely shade of orange. Jarlsberg was my primary cheese but Gruyère brought up the rear. I cannot wait to try them. I still feel just enough under the weather that an all-carb diet sounds peeerrrfect! Naturally I will keep you posted.

On our way home this afternoon, the boys and I were playing a game of how many words we could think of that started with the letter B. Helpful Oliver was saying things like "tree!", "croak!" but Jack had a good ball rolling. Being that he is a nearly-6-year-old with the scatological humor that entails, I wondered how long it would take for the butt/boob words to come flying. They did come, like a verbal snowball picking up speed and heft as it races down a hill: butt, bottom, breast, boobies. And then, as if we needed further clarification, "boobies, like on a lady when she milks her kids." I will admit that I snorted with laughter. Hilarious.

Ok, off to check the puffs. I've had three sips of wine and feel tipsy. For real?