T says "it's not my favorite" dish

We started in on the allspice-cardamom roasted pumpkin that is served with a tahini-yogurt sauce, limes and chiles alongside. Despite cooking this for longer than Yotam suggested, it is still somewhat al dente although gorgeous, yes? I like the flavor combos, but T is not a big fan. I can tell he's trying to be diplomatic. In the meantime, this pumpkin-goat cheese soufflé looks divine but it was still wobbly so I put it back in. Will let you know! What I know now is that I've never used so many dishes to make one dinner. Amen for good red wine. We decided to celebrate nothing at all so opened a bottle we got at an auction a few years back: a 2001 Châteauneuf-du-Pape. It is really lovely!