Symposium, more beach

I cannot believe such a spontaneous idea has materialized into a workable event, but this girl heard just last week about the Mid-Atlantic Food Writers Symposium to be hosted in Richmond on June 20-21 and is now officially registered. I am very, very excited. Thank you friends C & M as well as my MIL for making my trip possible.

But back to the present. We enjoyed another day including two trips to the beach sandwiched around an enormously intense and wonderful rainstorm. By 6p, the boys were not acting as their best selves so we did a hasty march through ye olde bedtime routine and called it a Monday. I made a simple caprese and a roasted Meyer lemon and parsley garnish that we could use atop the salad or on the seafood linguine Pete was whipping up.

All good and satisfying, and then I came to my room and found this precious boy sawing logs.

I'll tell you one thing. Gangly though he is, J is getting awfully heavy. My heaving him up from my bed and relocating him to his was not a pretty sight. But it was awfully dear.