Supreming is no fun, Argo/Affleck

People, I started going great guns on the three-citrus marmalade earlier, but do you know how incredibly long it takes to supreme four pounds of grapefruit/oranges/lemons? A really honking long time. By the end, I was leaving small bits of pith attached to the fruit, and I just don't give a damn- certainly this marmalade will stay taste good. Swear to god if I sell this, I'll have to price it like it's gold if I have any hope of making back the labor cost. AARGH! It's all quite pretty -just look at this zest- and did smell terrifically but wow.

orange grapefruit lemon zest NIK_1708

Due to this marathon of peeling, my hands feel as if they've undergone some sort of dermatological acid treatment (perhaps good) and my shoulders are tired. It's unclear if I will find the will to cook dinner tonight; I'd planned creamed leeks and smothered chicken but that may have to wait until tomorrow.

How on earth did Ben Affleck not receive a Best Director Oscar nom but the guy who did Silver Linings Playbook did? Not even close in my humble opinion. And I gotta be honest, while Quvenzhané Wallis did a fine job and is darling, I just cannot get on board with her winning for Best Actress. That movie just did not meet the hype.