Superheroes, ice cream, lusty love

The boys are really in the throes of superhero pretend play, and they utilize outfit ideas, tools, phrases, mannerisms, villains and weapons from both actual books and films as well as their wildly active imaginations. Today I said that if they'd take their quiet time seriously (read: stay upstairs, be relatively quiet, and let me have quiet time), they could spend it together. When they came downstairs an hour later, both had underpants over their jeans (Jack) and shorts (Oliver), per old-school Batman and Robin costumes, belts on to serve as utility belts, and Oliver was wielding a kobee (a make-believe explosive device). Being that Ol had on underpants that say "vroom, vroom" and are covered with cars OVER plaid shorts, it was somewhat hard to take him seriously. But I tried. They said they were saving me from the step of fire and that I needed to see the part of the wall in the stairwell that opens at their command because it held their assortment of guns and other weaponry. I feigned amazement and thanked them for their supervision. Funny.

Today has been another one chock full of cooking. A double batch of spelt-cherry-cardamom scones, fresh ricotta, homemade ice cream with caramelized figs and honey and now some Lusty Sungold Love which I'll serve over grilled bread and fresh ricotta as the centerpiece of our Meatless Monday meal. Doesn't that all sound fabulous? Is your mouth watering? Mmm!