Super-busy Saturday, ARGO!

This morning's canning class was lots of fun- great turn-out, tons of good questions, and an enthusiastic response to my cranberry sauce. Thank you all!! I only wish I'd gotten a photo. Ah well... While I was teaching, T took Jack to Tae Kwon Do where he was presented with his green belt and introduced to sparring. Wow- the gear is enormous, but J seemed really excited, and I'm proud of him for persevering. A beloved babysitter was coming at 1, so T and I made hasty and excited plans to see Argo.

It was UNREAL. What an edge-of-your-seat, awesome, ensorceling film. Damn, Ben Affleck, you go on with your directorial chops and your terrific ability to not overact in the least. And, might I add, keep the longer hair and beard- you look hot!! HOT!

Seriously, Argo is an excellent film. The ensemble cast -and it's truly a team effort- is incredible. The film is well-edited and fabulously executed. Even though you (likely) know what's to happen, you still feel like you're on a cliff-hanger the whole two hours. It flew by. My heart was racing. I thought a post-movie drink would have been an excellent idea. Instead we did yard work but that's OK too.

I've got the boys in bed, take-out is a'coming and T and I might now watch A Separation, a film which also takes place in Iran, albeit modern-day. Have you seen it? Rave reviews!

All ye who stood in line to early-vote in DC today- rock on!!